What is EAS? 

EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance.

It is a simple and cost effective anti-shoplifting system that allows your team to focus on customers and sales instead of controlling and worrying about merchandise losses and shrinkage.

How does EAS Work

EAS systems work with 2 main elements: Antennas and Tags. 

A tag is a  small electronic device, called also “label" which is attached to any merchandise on display or in warehouse.  

If any article with a tag approaches or goes through an antenna installed at a store, an alarm will go off to alert the staff that an active tag is leaving the shop.

What Types of EAS Systems do we offer?

Radio Frequency or “RF". This systems work with an antenna that creates a narrow low-frequency electro-magnetic field around itself.  When a tag or label crosses the field, it creates an alarm in the antenna.

Acoustic Magnetic or "AM".  The AM System works similar to the RF EAS System but in different frequency, when an active label or tag enters the field, it starts vibrating which is detected by the antenna, creating an alarm.

We offer exquisitely designed acrylic, plastic and metal antennas as well as floor matt for  invisible looks.

We study your store to determine what system is the best for the space, we do full proposal, drawings, conducting instructions, installation and commissioning of the units with staff training on handover.